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Service Line Warranties of Canada is a corporate partner of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). FCM has been the national voice of municipal government since 1901, with more than 2,000 municipality partners of all sizes, from Canada’s cities and rural communities, to northern communities and 20 provincial and territorial municipal associations. Together, they represent more than 90 percent of all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. FCM advocates for municipalities to be sure their citizens’ needs are reflected in federal policies and programs.

Year after year, their work benefits every municipal government and taxpayer in Canada, and their programming delivers tools that help municipalities tackle local challenges.

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Quick Facts

Help homeowners in your community save time and money by introducing the SLWC Service Line Warranty and In-Home Plumbing Repair Programs! Offered at no cost to municipalities and utilities, the program:


  • Educates homeowners about their service line responsibilities
  • Provides service from licensed, local-area contractors, keeping revenue in the local economy
  • Ensures timely repairs that help conserve water and reduce ground pollution
  • May help generate revenue through royalty payments

Frequently Asked Questions


What would the warranty program cost the city and homeowners?
There is no cost to the city for this program, and homeowner participation is completely voluntary. For a small monthly fee, homeowners can purchase warranty protection that covers repairs to the buried lateral lines on their property. The SLWC Service Line Warranty and In-Home Plumbing Repair Programs provide generous repair coverage for the homeowner and royalty opportunities for the city.

How does the program work?
SLWC handles all aspects of the program, including educational outreach, billing, customer service and contractor management and completion of all repairs to local code. SLWC even handles the mailing to homeowners in the community.

What happens when a homeowner experiences a service line break or leak on their property?
With one call to the Service Line Warranties of Canada toll-free number, a licensed contractor from the area will be dispatched to make the repair – usually completed within 24 hours. There is no paperwork to complete, no hidden service fees or deductibles, and no annual or lifetime limits on the number of repair occurrences. Contractors are thoroughly vetted through a third-party compliance management vendor that performs extensive background checks.

Why is the warranty program important?
Many people believe that water and sewer lines will last hundreds of years without failing, but the truth is, there are many reasons other than life expectancy of the pipes that contribute to infrastructure failure – such as tree root intrusion, rust and weather. The SLWC Service Line Warranty Program provides peace of mind to municipal homeowners and leadership.



4.5 Million


7.6 Million+

Service Contracts

1.7 Million

Repairs performed in the past 3 years

$522 Million

in repair costs saved by customers in the past three years