As a Councillor of the City of Hamilton, Ontario, a number of my constituents have conveyed very positive experiences with the Service Line Warranty of Canada (SLWC) program from initial enrollment to claims. When calling with an emergency, the response from SLWC has been timely and we appreciate the use of professional, approved local plumbers.

In addition to being a supporter of the program, I am a grateful customer of SLWC. On this past Christmas Eve Day, I required plumbing services, and the fact that it was the day before the holiday could have presented a challenge to finding service. However, I placed a call to SLWC who dispatched a local contractor, to quickly attend to my problem.

The City of Hamilton worked with SLWC to communicate the benefits this optional program provided and not only have we had positive response from our residents, but we have seen more than 12,000 of them enroll. I would highly recommend the SLWC program to other cities.

Tom Jackson

Councillor, City of Hamilton

Inside City of Hamilton: Service Line Coverage

The City highly recommends this service to other municipalities because it offers residents a low cost solution to the problem of dealing with broken, leaking, clogged or even frozen water and sewer lines. We have received many compliments from residents for having made this service available to them. Even those who choose not to enrol in this optional program are better educated about their service line responsibilities which is very important to the City.

John Savoia

Financial Planning and Policy, City of Hamilton

Approximately 3 years ago, the Region of Peel made the decision to partner with Service Line Warranties of Canada to offer important protection to our residents. We selected the program after a comprehensive vetting process. After 3 years since the launch, we’ve had over 9,600 residents purchase more than 15,000 service plans. These plans have saved our resident homeowners over $340,00 in repair expenses during this time, and they have been very satisfied with the level of service delivered by the program. This program has been positive for Region of Peel homeowners and I would recommended it to other Canadian municipalities.

Nectar Tampacopoulos

Manager, Water Operations, Region of Peel