Wildfire, Drought Increase the Need for Water Conservation 

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Green Initiatives, Water

Canada has had its challenges lately, with many areas experiencing record heat and below average rainfall and, of course, wildfires across much of the country are compounding the problems. While there has been significant precipitation in parts of the Prairies and Atlantic Canada this summer, northern parts of Central Canada as well as southern and northern Alberta, northern B.C., and the west coast have had below average rainfall, making drought conditions worse. According to the Canadian Drought Monitor, 60% of the country is currently classified as abnormally dry or in moderate to extreme drought, including 76% of the country’s agricultural areas.  

Wildfires can also affect the quantity and quality of available water, both during active burning, which produces ash and contaminants, and for years afterward as vegetation can be burned away, potentially causing discoloration and harmful algae growth. 

With such challenging conditions in many areas of the country, water conservation is more important than ever, and all measures should be taken to minimize any preventable water loss from water leaks. This can be challenging, as a significant portion of Canada’s water infrastructure was over 50 years old in 2020. In fact, close to one in five kilometres of water, sewer and stormwater pipes was reaching the end of its useful life, having been built prior to 1970. The average expected useful life of new underground pipes installed in 2020 ranged from 50 to 73 years. Household water leaks are also a significant source of water waste. A hole in a water pipe as small as 1.5 mm can waste up to 3,570 litres of water in 24 hours.  

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