Chilly Shower Leads to Widow’s Hot Water Heater Repair

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Alberta, Case Studies, Customer Testimonials, Home Maintenance, Water

Jackie B. of Edmonton, Alberta started her morning on a sunny day in April the way she usually does – jumping into the shower. But something quickly went wrong – on this day, the water stayed icy cold, no matter how long Jackie waited for it to warm up. Upon further investigation, she realized that she had no hot water throughout her entire home. While that’s a problem that would be daunting for many, it wasn’t for Jackie since she is a HomeServe customer.

“I’ve been enrolled in six different HomeServe plans for several years and hadn’t needed to use them up until now, but that’s the goal of the program, isn’t it?” said Jackie. “Hoping you don’t need it but having it when you do. Knowing that HomeServe would handle this for me took the worry away before it had the chance to begin.”

Jackie explained that after her husband had passed away, she enrolled in repair plans for as many things in her home as possible. She had heard about HomeServe plans in a piece of mail from her water utility that caught her eye, and the rest was history.

“I thought to myself, I better get coverage for things I don’t know how to fix now that I’m living here on my own,” Jackie told us. “I figured it was only a matter of time before a problem like that would pop up.”

And after several years, that problem was here. Jackie quickly picked up the phone and got in touch with a HomeServe Repair Specialist to explain the issue.

From there, Jamco Mechanical, a local, reliable member of HomeServe’s contractor network, was dispatched to Jackie’s home in Edmonton. They were quickly able to determine the temperature sensor was not operating properly on her hot water heater along with the need for a new gas valve. Soon enough, the hot water in her home was flowing again. And all in all, these repairs saved Jackie over $1,000 and most importantly, according to her, the trouble of coordinating the job on her own.

“I truly have to say I’ve been nothing but pleased with HomeServe’s service and am patting myself on the back for signing up when I did,” said Jackie. “I plan on keeping these plans for as long as I have the house – to me, it’s without a doubt worth every cent.”