Leading Causes of Water Loss

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships, ServLine, Water, Water Conservation

Water loss is a concern shared by municipalities across the country. The causes for a potential shortfall in the water supply are well-known and include droughts and climate change, poor management of demand from a growing population, and water pollution. Dramatically compounding the problem is water loss due to leaks.

While water conservation measures and education efforts are important, solutions to address household water leaks are also critical. The average Canadian uses about 335 litres of water each day for domestic purposes. A hole in a water pipe as small as 1.5 mm can waste an average of 100,000 litres of water per month. In addition to wasting water, pipe repairs can be an unexpected cost for homeowners who are unaware of their responsibility for service lines on their property.

In partnership with over 1,200 water service providers across North America, including over 70 in Canada, HomeServe offers homeowners optional protection plans to cover the cost of repairing or replacing private-side water lines and interior plumbing and drainage lines. Expeditiously addressing these leaks minimizes resulting water loss. The solution includes homeowner education to clarify service line responsibility and understanding of how to solve issues through the provider’s program. Our ServLine leak protection program, currently implemented by over 150 water systems in North America, offers reimbursement of a high water bill due to a leak. The program requires that a leak is repaired prior to bill forgiveness, incentivizing the customer to address the problem quickly. In addition to reducing waste of a crucial resource, offering these solutions increases goodwill and customer satisfaction with the provider.